Top 10 Hermes Men’s Wallets

hermes mens wallet

When it comes to buying a new “functional and stylish” wallet then Hermes never disappoints us. Thanks to the quality craftsmanship and variety of designs it offers, we can easily choose the men wallet that meets our preferences. 

We understand that if you are here then you must be looking for useful insights about best Hermes men’s wallets. This is why we will guide you and help you to make the right call. 

The 10 Best Hermes Wallets for Men

In this article, we will discuss every feature that marks the quality of Hermes wallets. Stay with us and find out about the most versatile wallets tailored to fit your sense of style and boost your personality. 

1. Ulysse PM Notebook Cover

A notebook cover crafted from Togo calfskin that has been palladium plated. Furthermore, this leather is produced by intense drumming that brings out its natural characteristics and is named after the theme of the year of its creation: Africa.

Additionally, it was introduced to the collection for the first time in 1997. In addition, its presence is often evident and very prominent in grain patterns, veins, and wrinkles that are matt, rounded, or irregular. 

Moreover, it gives you a stunning look when you pull out this piece of leather in public. However, its 100% pure leather makes it durable, which is why it is the top pick of buyers. 


  • Made in France
  • Measures 4.5″ long x 5.9″ high
  • Togo calfskin with palladium-plated
  • Side slots for receipts

2. H Sport 3CC Card Holder

This card holder comes in both Allegretto calfskin and Mysore goatskin. As its name implies, it offers a variety of cheerful and vibrant colours. Soft and reassuring, the flat yet generous grain of leather gives this product a reassuring appearance. For the first time in 2018, it was included in the collection. In addition to this, it is quite ample and has barely noticeable grain, and when you touch it, it feels extremely soft.

Furthermore, it is made up of top quality leather which is why it maintains its shape and it is lifetime lasting. If you carry this Hermes card holder with you, it will increase class and help you stand out from the crowd. 


  • 3 credit card slots
  • Made in France
  • Measures 3.8″ long x 2.6″ high x 0.4″ deep
  • Allegretto calfskin
  • Mysore goatskin

3. 24 Verso Change Purse

Indian rawhide, as its name implies, comes from a town in the southern part of the country. It can be recognized by its unique grain, which is obtained through boarding. As a result, the leather is rolled against itself, grain against grain, so that the grain is guided. This can be done in one direction to obtain fine lines or several directions at the same time.

Originally appeared in the collections in the 1990s. The appearance of goatskin is irregular, but the grain is harmonious and it has a slight shine, which represents all the natural characteristics of the wallet. As time passes, it becomes softer, but it will never lose its shape. 


  • Made in France
  • Measures 3.5″ long x 2.8″ high x 0.4″ deep
  • Mysore goatskin 
  • Palladium plated snap closure
  • Coin compartment

4. Remix Duo Chimeres Wallet

The wallet is made of Swift calfskin printed with the “Chimeres Pegase” design, with a compartment for change and a palladium plated zip closure. Furthermore, this extremely supple and sophisticated leather is named after Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels, in recognition of its similarity to Gulliver’s calfskin.

This collection was first published in 2004. There is a slight grain that sometimes is barely noticeable and it appears with smooth and delicate shine. You can feel the softness and tenderness of it when you touch it. Furthermore, when you hold it in your hand, you feel a generous and supportive quality that enhances your look and personality.


  • Measures 6.1″ long x 4.1″ high
  • Made in France
  • Swift calfskin
  • “Chimeres Pegase” design
  • Palladium plated zip closure

5. Camail Long Wallet

The wallet features Epsom calfskin with palladium-plated hardware. Moreover, the printed leather is named after a town famous for horse racing in southeast England. A striking, beautifully subtle dual tone is obtained through machine printing on its fine, regular grain. Originally published in 2004.

In addition to the small, regular, and slightly glossy grain, it appears to be uniform, with deep colors. This product is scratch-resistant and does not change shape over time. Whenever the grain is continuously touched or rubbed, it fades. In addition, this wallet is made of pure leather, which makes it last a lifetime. You will stand out from the crowd if you get this leather piece. 


  • Measures 6.9″ long x 4.3″ high x 0.5″ deep
  • Long combined
  • Epsom calfskin
  • Palladium plated hardware
  • Dual tone

6. City 4CC Touch Card Holder

A card holder crafted of Evergrain calfskin and matte Mississippiensis alligator leather is a stylish addition to your accessories collection. A total of four credit cards can be stored in it. It is similar to Evercalf calfskin in softness, but with a discreetly printed grain, as its name implies, that is highly regular. The collection was first published in 2004.

Additionally, the grain is fine, light, and regular in appearance and satiny in texture. There is, however, a slight graininess that is almost undetectable. In addition to becoming shinier and softer over time, it also becomes more durable. You will also stand out from the crowd if you own this piece of leather because it adds a unique touch to your personality. 


  • Made in France
  • Measures 3.1″ long x 2.6″ high
  • Evergrain calfskin
  • Matte Mississippiensis alligator leather
  • Four card slots

7. Tarmac Passport Holder

The passport holder is made from pigskin with palladium-plated snap closures and contrasting stitching. It has also earned a reputation for superior quality for crafting leather goods because of its durability and solidity. The first appearance in the collections was in 2018.

This grain has an entirely unique appearance that reflects the bristles’ growth and It has an extremely soft feel when touched. During the course of its life, it maintains a shape and develops a patina. Furthermore, if you carry this passport holder with you, it will add a captivating touch to your style and level you up from the crowd. 


  • Made in France
  • Measures 5.4″ long x 3.9″ high x 0.5″ deep
  • Made from Pigskin
  • Palladium-plated snap closures
  • Contrasting stitching

8. Bastia Change Purse

This change purse is made of Evercolor calfskin with a palladium-plated snap closure. The leather is similar to Evergrain calfskin and comes in a variety of colors that will last forever. 2012 was the first year it appeared in the collections

It has a satiny appearance with small, regular grains. Evergrain’s grain is much less visible than this calfskin’s. In addition, it feels incredibly soft when you touch it. The passage of time, however, makes it softer and more lustrous. 


  • Made in France
  • Dimensions: L 8.5 x H 8 cm
  • Evercolor calfskin
  • Palladium-plated snap closure
  • Extremely soft

9. “Strap” Card Holder

The cardholder is made of Barenia Faubourg calfskin with palladium-plated hardware. Moreover, An optional “Strap” lanyard that is sold separately can be used to attach with the card holder. Introducing a new heritage leather and a different interpretation of Barenia calfskin.

The 24-Faubourg Saint-Honore location is associated with this Hermes-exclusive grain. The first appearance in the collections was in 2016. There is a minuscule printed grain that resembles a drum grain. Moreover, the feel of the product is waxy, velvety. The patina becomes darker in areas that are exposed to the sun as time passes; takes on a patina like Barenia.


  • Made in France
  • Dimensions: L 12 x H 8.3 x D 1 cm
  • Barenia Faubourg calfskin
  • Palladium-plated hardware
  • An optional “Strap”

10. Zipengo Horse Card Holder

This card holder is made of Evercolor calfskin with two credit card slots, and it comes with a change purse with gusset, brushed palladium-plated zip closure and a horsehead pull-tab for ease of use.

Moreover, It has the same softness as Evergrain calfskin and comes in a wide range of “forever” colors and the first time it appeared in a collection was in 2012. The surface of this wallet is satiny; it has a regular grain obtained by printing. However, It has a more noticeable grain.


  • Made in France
  • Dimensions: L 12 x H 8 x D 1.6 cm
  • Evercolor calfskin
  • Two credit card slots
  • Brushed palladium-plated zip closure
  • Horsehead pull-tab

11. H-Tag Card Holder

This card holder is made from pigskin and Epsom calfskin with a removable card holder and has been palladium plated. Due to its durability and solidity, leather is widely considered the best material to make leather goods.

Its first appearance in the collection was in 2018. This grain has an entirely unique appearance that reflects the bristles’ growth. As it ages, it develops a patina, and maintains its shape. Moreover, this card holder gives a boost to your style, and it is very durable because of the high-quality leather used in its crafting. 


  • Made in France
  • Dimensions: L 7.5 x H 12 x D 1 cm
  • Removable card holder
  • Made from pigskin
  •  Epsom calfskin 

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