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The best way to make an excellent first impression is with the right outfit. And if you’re looking for some classic pieces that will never go out of style, look no further than Italian men. They grew up regularly going to tailors and getting their clothes perfect, so it’s no surprise they always know what to wear. In addition, however, men from Italy have access to some of the best quality goods, which isn’t something readily available from other parts of the world will always have.

But you don’t have to have access to expensive materials and clothing to look as good as one. You must take the “Italian approach” when styling yourself!

Italian Men Style Guide 2023

In this guide, we’ll be going over some of the best ways you can dress like an Italian man, even if you’ve no idea where to start!

Make Sure Everything Fits Perfectly

Even though it sounds a little obvious that you should buy clothes that fit you right, most men don’t wear the correct size. You might not even know it, but your clothes could be too baggy or tight. Since most Italian men have tailors, they know what size fits them perfectly. If it doesn’t, the tailors help them alter things to size so whatever they wear fits their body like a glove.

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Tucking a shirt into your trousers is an excellent method to see if it fits appropriately. If the cloth gathers on the back or extra shirt material falls loosely off the front, you should get a smaller size. If there’s gaping between the buttons, or you can’t bend your arms comfortably, size up. It would be best to look at the shoulder seams on your shirt. If it’s falling too far ahead of your shoulder, the shirt may be too big overall. If it can’t reach the shoulder, the armhole will be too small, and wearing the shirt would be highly uncomfortable and won’t look right.

This is a rule that would apply to all kinds of shirts. So keep these in mind whenever you’re shopping.

The length of your pants is also an essential part of the male Italian dress code that is sometimes ignored by the rest of the world.

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On the one hand, you need to avoid wearing pants that are too short, but you should never wear pants that cover your shoes. Your pants should ideally finish below your ankles but at the top of your shoes.

That way, your socks will peak, and everything will look super sleek!

Italian Paisley Necktie

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Combine Clashing Materials

Italian men have a unique way of choosing their materials. For example, they like mixing chino pants, which seem pretty casual, with a very formal linen suit jacket. This probably sounds weird, but it surprisingly works!

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The outfit comes off looking not too formal and not too casual, just the perfect balance between the two.

Combining clashing materials like linen and chinos might sound like a disaster, but in theory, it can be a different outcome when you do it! So don’t be afraid of trying something a little outside the box. Just push the various combinations and see what you can come up with!

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Get High-Quality Clothing

Never get cheaper clothing solely to stock up your closet. This is probably the essential habit to eliminate when shopping for clothing. One thing to always keep in mind is that no matter what you’re doing, it’s always going to be quality over quantity.

Florence Italy

The term “Made in Italy” is probably the most significant indicator that a product is of the best standard, but no matter what you choose to purchase, make sure it is well-made and fits your body perfectly. A well-made, high-quality T-shirt might cost you $100, but it will last years. Much more than an average $10 shirt that will lose its shape right after the first wash!

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Pair a Blazer with Everything!

When you think of blazers, the first thing that probably comes to mind is formal, padded shoulders and the uncomfortability of it all.

But in Italy, many men wear blazers that don’t have any padding, so it looks more casual. You can also pair this blazer with designer cufflinks or just about anything, and don’t worry about it looking weird.

Florence Men Fashion - 2

Plus, these blazers are way more comfortable than those with all that padding inside. These lightweight blazers are also perfect for the summer since you won’t be dying of heat under a full-fledged jacket.

Florence Men Fashion - 3

Don’t Use Too Many Colours

One of the biggest reasons Italian men always look so elegant is that they rarely use more than a couple of complementary colours. This means that the basic parts of your outfit, like your top and pants, should be the same colour or at least similar. Then, of course, you get a little more daring if you want with your jacket, but the rest of your clothes should be a subtle colour. Or be in the same colour palette even if you’re experimenting with new looks.

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While Italian men’s fashion is pretty unique, they rarely wear clothing with bright or flashy colours. Instead, they usually wear more muted colours but might use a slightly more brilliant colour for their blazer or jacket to make it stand out more.

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This helps keep the style informal and straightforward rather than wearing flashy colours that might come off too over the top.

Never Forget Your Pocket Square

Even though it might seem a little over the top, whenever you plan on wearing a blazer or a suit, always include a pocket square. This is a must for every Italian man, and they always ensure their blazers have a pocket square inside. But it would be best to remember that you don’t have to make the pocket square perfect every time. For the formal event, try making it nice and tidy.

Rome Italy

But if you’re going for dinner or to the grocery store, you don’t have to worry too much about perfecting the shape. Just fold it up into a square and put it into your pocket. Italians have a very relaxed and “lazy” way of dressing. Think athleisure, but instead of athletic wear, it’s “suit-y” clothes. So making your square pocket perfect would be the opposite of proper most of the time.

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Plus, this way, you don’t have to take any time out of your day or constantly keep up with the pocket square because once you add it, it stays all day long.

Try Some Loafers

Although you might be a little tempted to wear your regular ole’ sneakers again, if you want to dress like an Italian man, you must invest in some good-quality shoes, namely, loafers. They’re a super easy way to add a little style to any outfit.

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However, most Italian men don’t wear any socks with loafers because it looks more elegant that way. But if you need to wear them to be comfortable, you could get bright-coloured socks, so you have a little splash of colour in your outfit. Those who want the look while also wearing socks can get loafer socks instead!

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One of the biggest things that many men fear is wearing accessories. Other than a watch here and there, most men usually stray away from other things, especially jewellery. But one of the main charms of Italian male fashion is probably how they use a lot of accessories with their outfits.

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Most Italian men’s clothes are straightforward with muted tones, so adding those accessories brings everything together.

Italian men usually accessorize their attire with a cravat, an excellent sports watch, or some subtle jewellery, like a men’s designer leather bracelet or necklace. But, make sure you never go overboard with the accessories. Otherwise, you will be buried in chains and jewels, the last thing you want. So, instead, choose one or two pieces you could use to enhance your look.

Italian Neck Tie

A nice big watch on your wrist or a cravat that matches your suit jacket is just enough to give you that little flare. Also, if you do end up wearing a watch, make sure it’s around the cuff of your shirt. Otherwise, it’ll be hidden under.

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Italian Men Styles

To dress like a real Italian man, you can’t just wear an expensive Italian suit and call it a day. You need to know exactly how to style yourself and what not to do. But by using some of the tips we’ve listed above, dressing like an Italian will be a piece of cake!

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