Our Story

Putting its step in the year 2018 We have expanded our presence rapidly continuously. The passion to make a remarkable story through the products is the sole reason for inventing Riblor.

The founders entice inspiration from minimalist fashion with subtle colors, designed a product to represent the mentality of simplicity, the mentality of being grounded to oneself, and to cherish the small and beautiful moments in life. These were the thrust for making a popular brand.

Our Belief

We believe that crafting a beautiful, as well as a quality product that you’d love to wear yourself is the finest way to handle a business.

Our story is about the mass who treasure the beauty in simplicity. For us, the meaning of simple is not being plain. The word simple denotes being grounded, sophisticated, and last but not the least being true to oneself. It’s not about the distractions, it’s about focusing on the truly crucial things in our life.

With this type of mindset, we are devoted to creating bracelets that signify classiness and simplicity of those people who are quite cognizant about their fashion.

The jewelry from Riblor bring in the superlative look of you and give the most significant final touch to your outfit. On the other hand, Riblor bracelets defines the best moments of your life, mesmerize the onlookers with its simplicity.

Why Choose Riblor

Riblor bracelets are manufactured with proper care. We do deliver a solid attention on materials, quality, and style. We have the best and quality technicians who craft the product with the finest quality. And assure us regarding its quality and durability before the launch.


Warranty – 1 Year

We proffer 1 years of warranty on Riblor bracelets. The warranty deals with manufacturing defects on the product, with an assurance of robustness, trustworthiness, and usability.

If you have any questions regarding returns and warranty, contact our customer care team.

Five Unique Collections

We have five unique collections of the bracelets, and that can be mingled and paired with watches and substitutable straps for crafting exceptional styles. View our collections and find your perfect match. 

Free Shipment From $200

We offer free shipping all over the world with a minimum order value of USD200. It can be EUR170, GBP150, and HKD1570 accordingly. We start processing our work as soon as we get your order. And soon after the shipment of your order, you will be contacted over email with tracking ID and other related documents. So hat you can be assured of your product. The delivery time will vary as per the selected country.


Any Questions?

If you have any other questions regarding our services, please contact our customer care team or view our FAQ.