Choosing the Leather Bracelets for Men – Ultimate Style Guide

Fashion is a phenomenon that keeps on evolving. We all might not be very conscious of the ongoing fashion changes but it keeps moving on and on. Fashion changes are not only confined to clothes, but a lot of fashion is defined by the accessories we choose to wear.

While women are privileged to show off clothes with the latest trends, men do not show much interest in it. Women have a lot of accessories to wear and flaunt but men seldom wear any. The only accessory which men still wear is bracelets. Be it a bracelet embedded with gold or silver or the coolest of all leather bracelets.

Leather bracelets have some style quotient in them which makes them look cool when worn in the wrists of men. Leather bracelets were rage to a fashionable man years ago and it has made a ravenous comeback in recent times.

Leather bracelets for men come in a variety of styles and are furnished in a variety of fashion, and it finally depends on the men as to which style they would want to choose for themselves. Let us have a profound look at the history of the evolution of leather bracelets in the fashion arena.

History Of Leather Bracelets

It is always good to complete profound homework regarding something which we are going to include in our fashion wear. This knowledge is not just enough to fill up the knowledge gap in our minds, but it will also assist us in making the right decisions while buying a leather bracelet. So, let us first understand the leather source and what it is.

Tomb Tutankhamun

Leather is a flexible and durable material created by the tanning of animal rawhide and skin. It is mostly used for making bags, shoes, wallets, jackets, etc. It is generally known that leather is mostly produced from the hides of cattle and goats. However, the truth review around the fact that leather is actually made from the hide of pigs, alligators, bears, and deer as well.

Historical researches have helped to understand that human beings have been using animal rawhide since the Palaeolithic age, most commonly referred to as the Stone Age, and they used it for several reasons, including clothing or shelter. Therefore, along with the advancement in the ages of leather came to be used in a variety of products after a long process of making the animal skin usable, and this process is also known as tanning.

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The First-Ever Leather Bracelet

Tan Leather Bracelet

The use of the first-ever leather bracelet is quite difficult to trace and it has been seen that in the older days a leather bracelet in the wrist is used to signify the position of a person. For example, a leader in a tribe would wear specific bracelets in the hand to imply their social strata.

We had also been seeing in the ancient Egyptian age where leather was symbolically used to indicate the status of a person. For example, in the eighteenth dynasty Egyptian emperor, Tutankhamun wore a leather cuff as a sign of his monarchy. They were also worn by ancient Greek and Roman soldiers to signify allegiance and rank. For example, the famous Gladiator Spartacus is seen wearing a simple brown leather bracelet around his right wrist to symbolize raw power which projects string alpha male characteristics to all with whom he had an encounter.

Apart from this, bracelets similar to what Spartacus wore can be found on men of the modern era inspired by him to signify strength and power. Leather wrist bracelets have been worn by Native Indian men as well as according to them, these wristlets are designed to establish a connection which is tactile with animal guides.

Symbolic Analysis Of Leather Bracelet Colours

Leather Bracelets in Colours

When we search for the bracelets for men, it is 8mportanr we buy them in accordance with their personality as each colour has its own psychological significance. Let us have a look as to what the significance of the colours are and their symbolism directly from an area of study known as the psychology of colour. It is important to infuse this knowledge with historical references from the literature. Let us list some of the positives of the colours that can be used in the bracelets for men:


They have a ruggedness in them and it is absolutely marvelous to see their oneness with nature. They have a lot of practicality in them and also denote a sense of calmness in the users.


There are an innate strength and power in this colour and it makes the final bracelet look extremely sophisticated. It has a mysterious appeal in it which makes the bracelet look ecstatic. Also, a sense of utter dominance is provided in the bracelet which makes the look and ethic amazing.

Dark Green

This colour has a woodsy effect and the entire approach is totally nature-focused bringing in much appeal. It has a warmth in it which cannot be avoided and it also brings in serenity to the look of the bracelet.

Types Of Leather Bracelets for Men

Bracelets in design

It is generally believed that the wider the bracelets of leather are, the more masculine it gets. This however does not mean that the thin bracelets do not have any masculinity in them. There are three basic types of leather bracelets that have been preferred to be used by men, which are as follows and let us see as to what their characteristics are as follows.

Simple Wide Bracelets

This is the most popular simple wide leather bracelet designed to exhibit strength with a hint of edginess. There are many other men who wear this give off a sexual vibe as well. Popular in the 70s, we have seen a resurgence in leather cuff wrist bracelets made of leather containing intricate artwork. Sometimes, some are studded with intricate embellishments as well.

Design Bracelets

Many men like design bracelets because they provide an element of texture and style. There will mostly be embroidery on dark green and brown wristlets. Some of such wristlets have embellishments like edgy metal hangings, skulls, anchors, and zodiac signs embellishments embedded in them. We can always see that the embroidered bracelets come in narrow and wide strips of leather. However, when we look around, most men opt for the wide leather bracelets, like the bangle bracelet, because it looks super unique and stylish in them.

Thin Rope Bracelets

The most popular type of bracelet is extremely prevalent among the young men. These are mostly with guys who want to send a subtle yet stylish message. These bracelets however signify special relationships like friendship and dating and exhibit a cowboy-style look which is a hot favourite among the men.

The Leather Bracelets In Accordance To Wrist Sizes

Wrist Leather Bracelet for Men

Different men have different wrist sizes and in order to create a wonderful and appealing look, we need to have the worst sizes and the leather bracelets in order.

Small Wrists

For men who have a small wrist, any bracelet type can be chosen which totally blends into the look and does not look awkward and odd.

Medium Wrists

Those who have a medium wrist, they are very lucky and any type of leather bracelet looks good on their forearm.

Large Wrists

Men who have large wrists are the ones who have lots of options in leather bracelets as they need to have a bracelet that is proportional to their wrist size.

Taking Better Care Of Your Bracelet

It is just not enough to buy a leather bracelet and flaunt it or keep it away in a closet. It needs to be taken good care of and so, we must take appropriate measures to preserve the leather bracelet. While we were the bracelet every day, the oils and moisture from our bodies can be harmful enough for the leather. It can cause an unpleasant odour to be emitted from the product. We should never take a bath or make the hand wet while wearing a leather bracelet as it might cause the bracelet to shrink.

Step 1

For the preliminary clean up, we can use a cloth to wipe the leather in order to remove surface dirt, dust or other debris. This will help to prevent granules from scratching the bracelet during the cleansing process. We can also use specially made leather cleansing wipes for this part of the process.

Step 2

We can also take a fresh cloth and get it wet with lukewarm water. After this, we pump out a few drops of moisturizing liquid soap and create suds. We clean it and be absolutely sure to clean both sides of your bracelet and not just the outer part. Now we finally take a clean cloth and dampen again with warm water wiping off the excess soap. We can lay our leather bracelet down on a paper towel and allow to air dry away from direct sunlight.


Overall, we’ve discussed how earlier bracelets were used and how they’re used now based on colour, symbolism, and wrist size.

Few simple tricks are also shared to keep your bracelet clean and dust-free. Let us know in the comments if you’ve any questions regarding the leather bracelet.


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