The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Bracelet in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Bracelet in 2019

Jewelry has always been something women love to wear since eternity. But in 2023 jewelry is not just for women anymore. Over the last few decades men wearing jewelry has not been that common. However in ancient times, men used to wear jewelry all over the world.  Today’s metrosexual men are very comfortable with masculinity. They are so comfortable that experimentation with jewelry is the in thing among smart and stylish men worldwide. One of the most common items of jewelry that men wear today is a bracelet.  Bracelets traditionally worn by women are not a must have accessory for men. Manly and cool, these bracelets are designed in such a way that they look authentic and appropriate with formal wear as well as informal wear. They are made using different material ranging from beads to expensive metals like gold and platinum. Jewelry designers from all over the world showcase latest styles of bracelets for men.

Bracelets for Men

As wristwatches lose their importance due to smartphones, these bracelets perfectly take their place as a cool accessory to wear on the wrist.  Sometimes, people who like to wear a good entry level luxury watches, also wear few bracelets with it to make the hand look ultra chic. Different types of bracelets are available in the market. Different occasions and outfits require different styles and designs of bracelets. Some men might think it is too girly to wear a bracelet. But in the 21st century, the bracelets are designed in such a way that they look suave and dapper. The following is the ultimate guide in the type of occasions where these bracelets can be worn and also the materials and designs that are used in making these bracelets:


Occasions – Great Places to Wear Bracelets

Different types of bracelets can be worn on different occasions. When it comes to formal wear, a bracelet with a more serious look with darker colors makes sense. Sometimes people wear bracelets to support a cause that they believe in. While partying, more fun and relaxed look is appreciated. Wearing bracelets of different colors and styles is an excellent choice at a party. Bracelets are great accessories for different types of parties. They complete the look and make the entire outfit look good. Men do not need to buy many bracelets and pair them with different outfits like women do. They can simply buy 2-3 bracelets that go well with different looks and styles and can be worn on different occasions. This will make choosing a bracelet for different occasions easy and will also not be time consuming to make the choice. Bracelets can be worn on different occasions like going to the office, going to a party, for family occasions, just chilling out with friends, and just going out to a restaurant or meeting people. They are very versatile and look very stylish at almost any occasion.

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Types of Bracelets Worn By Men

There is a broad range of choices available regarding wearing bracelets. Different styles of bracelets showcase the fabric, the occasion where they can be worn and also the colors and design of the bracelets. Some bracelets are made of expensive metals and stones, making them very expensive while others are even made of strings and beads making them very cheap and more useful for everyday wear. The following are different types of bracelets that men can wear on various occasions:

1. ID Tag Bracelets

These are silver colored metal bracelets worn generally by veterans of the armed forces but they have become so stylish that they are being worn by men everywhere. This trend started in World War II and has continued among men even today. It is generally a thin metal rectangular plate which is silver in color with a small silver chain and it looks great with a more casual look like jeans and a t-shirt.

2. Health Bands

Some people like to wear health bands on their wrists. This trend is becoming very popular among people of the new generation. They are sometimes magnetic and it is believed by people who wear them that wearing these bands gives health benefits to the users.

3. Medical Bands

Some people require medical bands which they need to wear on their wrists so that it helps medical professionals give them the right treatment in the time of need. For example if a patient cannot communicate and is allergic to certain medicines, these bands help the doctor avoid those medicines. Though these bands are medically needed they can be worn as accessories as men’s bracelets are trendy these days.

4. Punk or Rock n Roll Style

Musicians often are trend setters in the fashion industry. These musicians often try new ways to look cool and appear stylish in front of their audiences. Bracelets were first made popular by musicians and celebrities wearing them all over the place. Hard rock and biker type men tend to wear black broad bracelets with various motifs and designs of silver metal on it. These designs are the typical ones this crowd wears and are very popular among biker gangs, heavy metal rock bands, and their audiences.

5. Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are very popular these days with boys and men, especially so with the young crowd. Typically these bracelets are generally in colors like black and brown and they are worn with a more macho look or a more hipster look. Wearing these with army style clothing or with darker colored clothes looks chic. Clothes in colors like grey, black, green, brown and all the dark colors work well with these bracelets.

6. Strings & Cords

Designs of bracelets with many cords and strings are becoming popular among men. Hemp bands, strings with beads and even ropes of various fabrics made into various bracelets are quite popular these days. These bracelets are more suitable for people going to an informal occasion than people going to a formal one.  These bracelets are much more casual choices and can be worn at the beach or going to a restaurant or a casual party. These are cheap accessories and anybody can wear them and look stylish.

7. Cause Bands

Cause bands became very popular all over the world a few years back and are still popular even today. “LiveStrong” yellow color cause band became an international trend and since then many causes also create their own rubber cause bands in different colors supporting the cause. These cause bands make the cause more visible to people and this helps the cause. These bands also come in different bright colors so they not just support a cause but also look very good as bracelets for men.

8. Metal Jewelry Bracelets

These types of bracelets are popular all over the world in all age groups. Depending on the type of metal, these metal bracelets can be very cheap or very expensive. Stylish plain metal bracelets in colors like silver are versatile and popular, especially with young men. They look good with casual wear and can also be worn when one needs to dress up a bit. Gold bracelets, platinum bracelets and also bracelets of other precious metals are worn as a status symbol by men all over the world.

9. Precious Stones

Metal bracelets with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and others are worn by men, especially at special occasions. If the design is not too gaudy and flashy, these also tend to look good especially at parties and celebrations. Wearing metal jewelry with precious stones in them is an age old tradition that men have been following for centuries. In today’s world these types of bracelets are more in touch with today’s designs and have a more edgier look.

10. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets are bracelets that use beads in different colors and look really good with a more hipster casual look. These beaded bracelets are worn by college going crowds, teenagers and also by a more spiritual crowd.


Multiple Bracelets

 Wearing just one bracelet may look good on different events but some guys like to take it a step further. Wearing multiple bracelets is also very stylish and trendy among young men today. Broad and chunk bracelets, usually of darker colors worn together look great. These colors include blue, black, silver, red, brown and other such colors.


Designs of Bracelets

Braided designs in both broad and thin bracelets all look good.  These braided bracelets can be worn in different colors; however, they are more stylish in darker colors.

Many men wear bracelets with different symbols on them. These include anchors, seals, animal symbols and even cultural symbols from all over the world. This looks stylish and such designs are truly trendy in different colors and styles.


Quotes and sayings are being used more and more in our lives today. Everyone has their favorite one-liners and quotes that they like to live by or even recite in front of other people. Bracelets with small one line inspirational quotes are also becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Many designers are taking famous and inspirational quotes and putting them on different types of bracelets and these bracelets are worn by men and women all over the world.

Bracelets with name of the individual wearing the bracelet are also seen, especially among celebrities. Sometimes the bracelets even have names of loved ones on it as a special gesture.

Thick chain style bracelets, multicolored bracelets, bracelets with flags and other patriotic symbols on it are also very popular with not just people who are patriotic but everybody.

Sometimes these bracelets can also have a sound element to it. Small attached bells and shells are attached to these bracelets that make a nice tinkling sound when moved. This is a cool bracelet ideal for men.

There are many lucky charms that people like to collect in different colors and designs. These charms are then attached to bracelets and they are a fun accessory to have not just for women but for men as well.


Friendship bands are very popular and not just worn on Friendship Day but throughout the year. If a special friend or best friend gives a friendship band, there is a sentiment attached to it. Wearing these bracelets makes human beings feel happy and feels the love of the person who has gifted the bracelet.


Bohemian beaded bands and bracelets, often of different bold colors, threads and stones look very attractive, even on men. This bohemian style of bracelets or bands is trendy and also chic that all types of men are wearing these days.


Summing It Up

Bracelets come in different shapes and sizes and different types of bracelets are worn by a diverse group of people. Men wearing jewelry is a very normal thing these days and especially in urban areas it is very common among young people. Besides bracelets, men wear necklaces and earrings also. Bracelets are an easy option for men to experiment with jewelry. Most of the bracelets that are available either look like wristwatches or are made of fabric like leather making them look macho and chic. As mentioned above, bracelets come in different styles and there are a lot of options to choose from. Bracelets have also become a very visible style of jewelry. As people are on the phone most of the time, the hand holding the phone is clearly visible to everybody. Wearing a bracelet in that hand makes it much more noticeable to everybody and so this choice of jewelry for men makes them look attractive. Men should start out with a conservative bracelet that looks macho and then build a collection of bracelets that can go well with different outfits and occasions. Bracelets are also an ideal gift for men and a perfect accessory for men in the 21st century.


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